For the Visiting Public

Summit Visit Information:

Curious about astronomy on Mount Graham? Do you wish to see the telescopes on Mount Graham!?

Eastern Arizona College's Discovery Park Campus is the the official visitor's center for the telescopes on Mount Graham. They conduct weekend tours of the Mount Graham International Observatory. Weather permitting, the tours begin in mid-May and go through October. Because permits are required to enter the endangered red squirrel refugium, advance reservations are required.

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The tour features a trip up scenic Mount Graham, focusing on the mountain's rich geology, history, and diversity of life; a lunch near the summit of the mountain; and a guided tour of the observatories -- The Submillimeter Telescope, the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope, and the Large Binocular Telescope!

The Discovery Park tours start and end at the EAC Discovery Park Campus, as shown in the map below:

Map to discover park


Contact Information for the Mount Graham Tours

Eastern Arizona College
Discovery Park Campus
1651 W. Discovery Park Boulevard
Safford, AZ 85546

Phone: (928) 428-6260
Fax: (928) 428-8081
Web Site:

Graham County Visitor's Information

The Graham County Chamber of Commerce is an excellent source of information for visitors to Graham County. 

The Graham County Chamber of Commerce can be reached at the address and phone numbers below:

Graham County Chamber of Commerce
1111 Thatcher Blvd. Safford, Arizona, 85546
(928) 428-2511 or 1-888-837-1841
The Graham County Chamber offices have a wonderful collection of exhibits repated to Graham County, including an astronomy exhibit.  They also have a large collection of informational brochures about southeast Arizona and a gift shop.