Visitor Information

Welcome to MGIO!

As an observer or a member of the visiting public, here you will find important information pertinent to your visit to the MGIO.

We hope that your time with us, whether an hour long or a lengthy observation run, is a great experience. Be assured we will do what we can to make it so...

Visitors to MGIO are generally one of two types, persons coming to MGIO for work (observers, staff, etc.) and those coming to see the telescopes.  Dedicated web pages are provided here for the benefit of all. 

For observers, Steward Observatory and contractor personnel working on site we have provided an Orientation Package for your information.

For the visiting public, EAC Discovery Park, the official visitor's center, provides information and availability of educational outreach tours to the MGIO.

For those of the visiting public that may enjoy camping, we have provided a link to a camp ground guide, courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service, Coronado National Forest. There are six campgrounds in our vicinity listed under the city of Safford.